The Focus pad, now even more Fnatic and because this makes us happy we’re giving them away.
We’ve got 50 shiny new pads up for grabs, for people within Europe, USA and Canada, you’ll get more chances of winning if you share with others, but hurry we’ll be ending this on May 22th!

The Focus Mousepads

Pro-Grade Tracking Surface

The FOCUS pads are optimized to support rapid movement and game play while still being able to deliver laser-like precision. If we can win on it, so can you.


Our pads are uniquely textured to deliver a greater tactile feel for more precision and comfort during long sessions of gaming. Basically, it’s smooooth.

Non-Slip Grip, chip

All our Fnatic Gear pads have a non-slip rubberized backing to ensure a steady grip on any table. So rage away, your pads going to stay.

Multiple Sizes

Coming in a range of 4 sizes up to full desktop size, and two thicknesses 3mm and 6mm, we’ve got you covered, but keep it to yourself, ok? Not all designed focus pads are available in all sizes.